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Mirion Web Information Architecture Redesign

A seamless and integrated website experience to improve engagement and the overall experience for the next iteration of (for medical and industrial).

My Role

Prototype Development, Design System, UX/UI Design, IA Concepts, Stakeholder Facilitation and Implementation, Design Strategy, IA Mapping


May - Sep ‘22


Key Frame Templates, Web Design System, IA Sitemap, Userflow Charts, Brand Style Guide, IA Concepts, IUX Framework, Customer Insight Report

Lifting the Brand and UX Design of a B2B Platform


Industrial radiation solutions
Manufacturing processes

Company Size



June - Sep '22

My Role 


Prototype Development, UX/UI Design, IA Concepts, Stakeholder Facilitation and Implementation, Design Strategy


Due to a decade of acquiring various subsidiary companies, the incorporation of multiple brands over time led to inconsistencies in the public presentation and accessibility of support services on the Mirion website, making its current structure inconvenient, unhelpful, and unappealing. 


The call for brand acquisitions and difficult customer support access allowed for my team delivery of the informed Mirion customer website, a stakeholder-guided design system, brand style guide, multiple user flowcharts and sitemaps for IA definition, alongside customer research insights that informed the designs. 

1,100+ pages

Distilled to 15 key frame templates


Estimated conversion rate from customer base


Estimated decrease of bounce rate

How might we enhance the Mirion website's usability by adopting a new navigation structure, minimizing top-level options to promote efficient search, discourage manual drilling down, while preserving the existing site's framework?

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Main Deliverable: Screen Captures

Key frame templates showcase the visual lift and revamped information architecture that has been applied to the Mirion website (now with a combined taxonomy of medical and physical sectors).


In this solution, users garnered more customer support through less product searches (over 1.1k pages distilled down to 15+ key templates). 

Navigation Revamped

Global navigation infrastructure became consolidated and eliminated the disconnect between the medical and industrial sectors as requested by client team.


Before //After Redesign


Before //After Redesign