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Proposing Social Futuristic Concepts in the Age of the Pandemic


Revenue focused on concessions (2020)


Marketing concepts for hand-off

Concept Storyboard Fusion

How might we create an engaging and personalized experience for movie-goers?


Building from the Why

Our brand partner’s voice led us to explore the perfect blend between “loyalty,” “technology,” and “experience.” Diving deep into primary and secondary research, we discovered our base target audience, Generation Z. We asked those who have had and hadn’t gone to AMC about their movie-going experiences.


Using the insights we gathered, we represented their movie journey, before, during, and after the movie in consumer maps. Taking in the brand strategy, shared values between Gen Z, AMC, and Coca-Cola were identified. This created our umbrella for our organizing idea, “Optimize the Experience.”

14 Interviews
225 Survey Participants
Understanding Our Consumers

Along with the shared values we looked into the brand strategy and the four pillars that lead to the organizing idea. We looked at the purpose of the brand and the functional benefits of the brand. We also analyzed the consumer and their desires and needs.

Where to go from here?

Taking from our research, our concepts revolve around our user’s framework of making a shared social movie theater experience worthwhile. In direct relation to concessions, we improved the functionality of AMC’s food packaging to encourage a convenient and social experience, looking specifically into our old favorite, popcorn. Bringing food closer to the auditoriums may also expand on close opportunities to avoid missing a crucial part of that movie moment. Leveraging AMC’s online presence, we explored a new dimension of AMC’s loyalty Stubs program, advertising the presence of AMC and Coca-Cola’s partnership.

Conceiving the Idea

After receiving feedback from our partners, we refined our concepts based on their voice. After presenting four concepts, Coca-Cola and AMC decided that they wanted us to focus on “Better Together” while incorporating certain aspects of the “More” concept. With our new direction set, our team buckled down to begin the tactile ideas that they would present to the clients at the final presentation.

By engaging in usability tests and our theme “Better Together,” we redefined AMC’s 360-degree experience.

Introducing Main Concepts & Feature Impacts

Our “Better Together” packaging fully endorses shared concessions, especially with popcorn buckets! Movie-going should be a shared, engaging time with no hassle, so we explored how to make it easier how to get food to our users. Keeping in mind the challenges posed from our brand partner’s budget and maintaining Gen Z’s interest due to social media, we created better ways for people to place, share, and enjoy concessions.

Nothing is worse than having to get up in the middle of the movie to get some candy or to refill your popcorn. People also don’t like to stand in long lines or walk all the way to the concession area. So we designed the refreshment zone.
The refreshment zone consists of insulated lockers that will keep your food fresh when you order ahead. The zone is modular, this way there can be different sized zones for different theaters and hallways.